10 things, to bring into the year

By Antsia King


Create a plan - Having a visual and reasonable plan is the first rule of thumb.

Health is wealth- Better eating, and healthier choices is the way to your best life.

Complete tasks that you start- When you complete tasks that you set for yourself, it gives you a sense of accomplishment and accountability.

Forgiveness- Forgiveness can be hard at times, especially if you feel wronged by someone. But forgiveness is not for them it for you, so you have more room to receive.

Learn something new- Learning something new and trying new things could spark a new gift that you didn't know you have.

Make time for yourself- Making sure your mental, spiritual, and physical needs are a priority. One cannot take care of anyone or anything else if they don’t take care of themself first.

Ask for help- Bottom line is we all can learn from one another, if you don’t know something don’t hesitate to ask for help.

Use your past as a learning tool for growth - Don’t be ashamed of your past use it to help the next person get through it.

Balance in your life- There is always going to some point in life when your off balance, try your best to find and fight for balance, this is a major key to success.

Never say never- Saying the word never could put pressure on yourself to slow up productivity. Let’s face it, who know what the future holds.