The Plug

The Plug
The Plug is a term used to describe someone who is a resource for obtaining something valuable that would be otherwise difficult to obtain.
It's not what you know but who you know! No truer words have ever been spoken! Detroit is full well connected people but list is our essential list of "makeshithappeners" you need to know right now!

Chuck Bennett
Chuck Bennett aka Mr. Detroit. Simply put Chuck is the "Plug" and the ultimate A-lister. If you need anything just call CB.

Drake Phifer
Drake Phifer the Head Honcho at Urban Organic. Drake is a Curator of the finest music from around the world. Not just a music Guy, Drake knows everybody and everybody loves Drake.

Robert Nhara
Robert Nhara aka Chef Bobby, easily one of the nicest people you'll ever meet. Bobby always goes the extra mile for his Clients and even further for his Friends. You really need to meet him.

Adam Helfman
Adam Helfman, Detroit's home improvement Guru! Adam is a regular on local television and hosts his own Radio Program. Adam should be your bestfriend if your home is need of repairs. Visit his website Hire it done. You'll thank Adam later.

Marshall Bullock
Marshall Bullock, Community Affairs Coordinator and District Manager for the City of Detroit. Bullock as he is affectionately known is certainly a Guy you should know. A proud member of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity you can often catch Bullock hosting some of Detroits finest events or at his day job making Detroit a better place for us all. Call Bullock.

Scott Rutterbush
Scott Rutterbush, is a cornucopia of all things food and hospitality in Detroit. Rather hosting cool events, or consulting others Scott without question is our Guy. Don't take another bite without talking to Scott first.

Skip Mongo
Skip Mongo, one of Detroit's most sought after 'Political Strategists & Media Consultants. Skip is always on the front line fighting injustice or simply lending a helping hand. You can always count on Skip to get you where you need to be, all while being impeccably dressed while doing so. Skip's our Guy.

Eric Thomas
Eric Thomas, seems like Eric is everywhere and for good reason. As a Senior Partner at Saga Marketing he has positioned himself as a future "Power Player" in the New Detroit. Catch him while you can.

Chris Camper
Chris Camper, ask anyone who's ever worked with Chris and they'll tell you, Chris has one of brightest legal minds around. A skillful litigator with a dominating presence Chris gets it done! So if you ever need an Attorney "Call Camper"

Bill Bahoora
Bill Bahoora, Simply put Bill sells the finest modern home furnishings in the country. His IItalmoda showroom located in Royal Oak should be your only destination when it's time for new furnishings.